Nicholas Cheng Cornell University

Personal Bio

I am currently a Junior at Cornell University studying computer science.

I've always had a strong interest in programming and game design. Even in elementary school I would draw mazes in Microsoft Paint and burn them on CDs for my classmates. In Middle School, I moved up to Adobe Flash (Macromedia at the time), and made tons of animations while slowly learning Flash Actionscript bit by bit. As a high school student I worked as a game design instructor at a number of summer camps. I then went to Cornell to further branch out my programming interests and learn a lot about computers.


While my primary interests lie in programming and game design, I also have strong interests in digital media such as graphic design, 3D modeling/rendering, and video editing. I've spent a lot of time learning about photography as well (The background picture of my site is a photo I took in Montreal).


Cornell University: Fall 2011 - Current (Expected graduation: May 2015)

Some completed classes:

  • Calc 1/2/3
  • Linear Algebra
  • Physics Mechanics and E&M
  • Discrete Math
  • Introductory Programming
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • UNIX Tools and Scripting
  • Systems programming and Computer Architecture
  • Data Structures and Functional Programming
  • Operating Systems

Technical Skills

Software & Languages:

  • Adobe Photoshop (and Lightroom)
  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Blender 3D
  • Git (version control)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Java
  • Python
  • C
  • Flash Actionscript 3
  • OCaml (functional)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Computer Science Skills:

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