Download (Win/Mac/Linux)

Make sure you have Java (JRE 7) installed: Download java

Download the zip file: (35 MB)

Installation instructions: README.txt


The object of the game is to make it to the end of a zone, but for every movement you make, each enemy moves once. Enemies avoid your flashlight.

Chupa chomp was a challenge since it was the first serious game I made in something other than Flash. Luckily the game engine that I created beforehand made the transition fairly easy.

All animations were created out of image sequences which the game engine keeps track of as animation clips:

Sample Gameplay


The other challenge with graphic design was that everything had to be designed as an isometric tile. And all characters and animations had to be created from 4 points of view. I had to pay careful attention to how images were stacked so that they gave the illusion of 3D.

Level Creation

Each level is stored as a grid of numbers, this made level design difficult until I decided to create level design software to make designing and testing levels a matter of clicks.

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